Spay-Neuter Vouchers

Our Spay-Neuter Assistance Clarksville (SNAC) program offers low-cost vouchers to ALL families regardless of income, although pricing is based somewhat on your income level in most cases. Even “higher” priced vouchers are still typically about half of what you will pay at most veterinary clinics. You do not have to be a resident of Montgomery Co. to qualify for a voucher so long as the voucher is redeemed at one of our 13 participating veterinary clinics:

  • All God’s Creatures (next door to Precious Friends)
  • Animal Hospital (McClure St. off Riverside Dr.)
  • Animal House (Dover Rd.)
  • Cats on Commerce (downtown)
  • Family Pet Hospital (Exit 11)
  • Houston Co. Animal Clinic (Erin, TN)
  • North Stewart Veterinary Clinic (Dover, TN)
  • New Hope Veterinary Clinic  (Joelton, TN)
  • Parkway Animal Clinic (McClardy Rd. off 101st Parkway)
  • Pet Calls LLC (mobile clinic)
  • Sango Veterinary Clinic (Madison St. near Walmart)
  • Southside Veterinary Clinic (Hwy. 48/13)
  • Tiny Town Veterinary Clinic (Exit 1)

Program Qualifications for those on FIXED or LIMITED Income:

Qualifications typically include individuals that can provide current proof of any of the following:

  • Disability Letter
  • Food Stamps
  • Veterans Affairs disability
  • Free or reduced school lunch program card
  • Public housing rent receipt
  • Section 8 letter
  • Social Security Income (SSI) letter
  • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program documentation

Pricing schedule for fixed or limited income families:

  • male cat – $40
  • female cat – $50
  • male dog – $50
  • female dog – $60

Pricing Schedule for families NOT on FIXED or LIMITED Income:

  • male cat – $55
  • female cat – $72
  • female dog (0-40 lbs.) – $76
  • male dog (0-40 lbs.) – $68
  • female dog (41-60 lbs.) – $92
  • male dog (41-60 lbs.) – $86
  • female dog (61-100 lbs.) – $105
  • male dog (61-100 lbs.) – $100
  • female or male (over 100 lbs.) – $135

NOTE: If you are unable to afford the above pricing, you might try our referral page or one of these suggestions:

  1. Borrow the money from a family member or friend;
  2. Prioritize your expenses by fixing females of breeding age first;
  3. Check with your veterinarian for a payment plan.

Get A Voucher:

  1. Stop by our office during office hours to pay for your voucher. If you are purchasing a regular-priced voucher & know what vet clinic you’d like to use, you may purchase with a credit/debit card over the phone & we will fax the voucher to your vet of choice to save you a trip to our office. Vouchers can not be issued by email at this time.
  2. On your voucher is a list of participating veterinarians. Please call a veterinarian from that list to schedule an appointment.
  3. Show up on the scheduled day & time with your voucher & proof of rabies in hand.  If you do not have a current rabies certificate or tag, the vet will require that the State of TN required rabies vaccination be administered prior to surgery at your expense.
  4. The voucher covers the spay or neuter surgery ONLY.  Take-home pain medication and other additional services or expenses will be the pet owner’s responsibility.

NOTE: Additional costs may be incurred (at your expense), if your pet is:

  • In heat
  • Pregnant
  • Still lactating (milk usually dries up about 2 weeks after the last baby is weaned; also, be warned that female cats can get pregnant while nursing, so keep her contained!)
  • Overweight/Obese
  • Has undescended testicles (known as cryptorchid)

Reasons to Spay or Neuter

  • Your pet will live a longer and healthier life.
  • It will improve your pet’s behavior.
  • Your male won’t have the urge to roam away from home to find a mate.
  • Your female won’t go into heat, which attracts males.
  • Your female dog will no longer stain floors or furniture when she goes into heat.
  • No more litters of puppies & kittens to care for and place into new homes.
  • It packs a powerful punch in our fight against pet overpopulation!
  • It’s the right thing to do!

Myths about Spaying and Neutering

  • Your male dog will not lose his “manhood” if he is neutered. In fact, there is less “mess” and it will add years to the life of your dog by reducing his chances of getting prostate cancer.
  • It is not healthier for the female to go into her first heat cycle. In fact, doing so increases her chances of getting ovarian or mammary cancers.
  • Your pet will not get lazy or fat. Lack of exercise & overfeeding make animals fat!
  • Children need not witness the “miracle” of birth by watching unwanted animals being born. Allowing your pets to produce offspring that you have no intention of keeping teaches children irresponsibility.