Spay It Forward! Campaign

Carrie & Trey Kennedy random act of kindness voucher photo

Carrie Kennedy and her son Trey purchase a spay voucher for a female cat… not for their own cat, but to be given away as a “random act of kindness” for a family in need.

The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery Co. saves thousands of lives each year with our low-cost spay-neuter program, and while we offer great rates there are still many families that truly can not afford to pay anything at all. Donations to our Spay It Forward! Campaign help us tremendously to ensure these pets get fixed!

If you would like to sponsor a spay-neuter surgery, donations can be made in-office, over the phone, or by using the “add to cart” feature below.

SPAY-NEUTER saves thousands of lives in our community every year… THANK YOU for being part of the solution!!


1) Choose a voucher.  2) Enter special instructions (if any).  3) Click “add to cart.”  4) Repeat to add additional vouchers.
Special Instructions, if any:

CAN’T AFFORD TO DONATE A VOUCHER? Every dollar matters… donate what you can afford using the link below!